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15 Martina Mcbride quotes:

"The real heroes are the ones working at the shelters every day and the women who find the courage to better their lives for themselves and their children. The woman working at the shelter doesn't have the opportunity to get in front of a million people and raise awareness. I'm the one that can do that for her."
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"I'm definitely a person who likes to control my own destiny. That's hard to do in this business because there are many creative people with great ideas and years of experience giving you advice, but what is right for one artist isn't always best for another. Knowing what's best for you and being willing to stand up and assert that is really a strong trait in this business."
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"What I would like my legacy to be is that of a person who took good care of her family and sang some songs that made a difference in some way. I hope I'll be remembered as somebody who was always down to earth and who handled her career and other people with honesty, integrity and class."
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"What drives me now is the desire to be able to keep doing this. I love making records and performing, and success means I will continue to have the privilege to do that. I know it's not going to last forever, but I'd like to keep having success as long as I can so that I can still be a part of this industry."
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"I just love where I am right now in my career. I love country music. I don't ever feel restricted by the genre. I've been able to have a solid career that we've built one step at a time and a family. I know that I'm in a good place."
"I find that putting my makeup on and playing with different looks is really relaxing for me before the show."
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"I really just tried to make a record full of great songs, which is the goal I always have."
"I definitely feel a difference about my place in the industry. I feel like I have some longevity now."
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"A big part of who I am is just the way I was raised. Nobody is better than anyone else, and if you really work hard, you might get lucky and get what you want."
"I feel like it's important to use this gift God gave me, my life and my career to do something to make the world a better place. It's an easy thing for me to do."
"I can't be the big star in the family. We have a family, and we are all equal."
"I am happy that women can relate to my songs, and hopefully men can too."
"These aren't my songs. My intention wasn't to make them Martina McBride songs."
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"I have to admit that I enjoyed the time off the road devoted solely to the recording process and quality family time. Now that the new album is out and I've performed for television studio audiences, I realize how much I've missed the live show! I'm so excited to reintroduce these ?Timeless' classics to country music fans as well as perform hits from my past albums."
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"I don't feel like I'm setting out to do any heroic preservation. I just love this music ... I did songs that felt like home to me."
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