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"So in one sense you don't have the classic keyboard player in Yes."
"I've had the luxury of owning my own studio, 24 analogue, 48 digital, endless effects, endless hardcore gear, that I don't have to rent, I don't get stuck with the bills, it's all mine."
"So whenever I had some in-between producing time down in my studio I popped a tape in and started working on it. Working a little bit at a time, it actually took almost four years."
"It's an album that is a little bit different and probably isn't easy to get out. It's not likely that a major label would have picked it up and said that they had a smash hit record."
"Bring The Boys Back Home"
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"So for my studio purposes, I know that I'm in my studio with technicians who've done amazing things to my board and to my power amps and I know what I can deliver out of my studio."
"Sometimes I hear a drum groove in my head and I rush down to my studio."
"You know, I am just a musician and I have no idea these days what good and bad is in terms of labels."
"And as you said, everyone contributed; certain areas of material came from certain individuals."
"So that studio served its purpose, and still is working very well for other people right now."
"I'm very proud of it as a Yes record amongst many of the other Yes records."

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