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Larry Williams Quotes

17 Larry Williams quotes:

"If you don't go overboard, it's just a fun game to sit and play. I usually set a $20 limit. Once I lose that, I'm done."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"This past year over 300 graduates went to work for P.A.M. Trucking, ... Over 300 graduates went to work for USA Trucking and over 100 went to work for Star Transportation."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Hopefully this is the first step in establishing ASU-Newport as a regional transportation safety center, ... With the assistance of our congressional delegation in obtaining additional federal funding, this will become a reality."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"[School counselors were asked to try to comfort classmates of the child victims, The Associated Press reported.] It's something the entire city and region will wrestle with for some time, ... It's going to be traumatic."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"It's our job as economic developers in the state to make sure any prospect receives all available incentives."
"One out of three jobs in Washington is tied to trade."
"The three traits speculators must learn to manage within themselves are confidence, fear, and aggressiveness."
"What you will be looking for is a day that closes above the prior day's high and most likely 'breaks' out to the upside to close above a trading range. This is the twitching worm that causes the public to leap before they look."
"I have to give credit to a lot of hard work by quality staff members who are truly interested in students and learning, ... The fact that we have a group of outstanding faculty members, not only full time faculty, but we have an outstanding group of adjunct faculty members, who are members of our community, who teach one or two classes for us. Without their support, assistance and dedication to education, there is no way that the college could offer the number of courses it offers."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"This is an area where we see growth."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The most common bad habit I have seen in traders - good and bad ones - is the inability to react correctly to market action."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Habit Quotes
"We're excited about this opportunity."
"If I do it in one school attendance area, then I do it in all 21 school attendance areas."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Coach Holton is a man of great character and integrity and it has been my pleasure to work with him. He is an extremely talented human being and it is hard for me to see him go. We all offer him our sincere best wishes for the future."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"Rock and Roll has no beginning and no end for it is the very pulse of life itself."
"The next time you see an outside day with a down close lower than the previous day, don't get scared, get ready to buy!"
"My argument to you is that this is not new construction. This is reconstruction. We can talk about how much of the building we leave so we can qualify for reconstruction, but the truth is, there is no definition we know of that says when a reconstruction becomes new construction."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Argument Quotes

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