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Dar Williams Quotes

9 Dar Williams quotes:

"What do you love more than loveWhen you question what your desire is forWhen you don't just figureThat you just want more."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Desire Quotes
"There's a lot of hype in our culture about what happens when you become a parent,"
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"And as long as she's got noise she's fine, but I could teach her how I learned to dance when the music's ended."
"And we looked out to see your enemies and we see that you're looking at us instead."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Enemies Quotes
"And where does magic come from? I think that magic's in the learning."
"Sixties folk rock was my original muse and the folk audience-people who listen to music off the beaten track-fostered my career. I definitely don't want to abandon the genre but I also need to make sure I'm Dar Williams first."
Author: Williams Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes
"Sometimes I see myself fine, sometimes I need a witness. And I like the whole truth, but there are nights I only need forgiveness."
"Sometimes life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging."
"Therapy was the biggest romance of my life."

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