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Doc Severinsen Quotes

8 Doc Severinsen quotes:

"Music and the arts are not just something to make people feel good. They elevate the soul and broaden the entire personality. It's easy to say they aren't needed because culture seems intangible. But not having it deprives young people of a cultural heritage."
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"I don't suppose I'll ever get over it. I mean, the boss is gone. But he wouldn't want anybody hanging any out, any black crepe for him."
"He was a very private person, but then, you know, he belonged to the whole United States. The United States thought they owned Johnny Carson."
"Now I'm having the time of my life being on the road with one of the world's all-time great big bands, and performing with symphonies. I wouldn't trade it for anything."
"My goodness, everyone is planting grapes, even a neighbor with only five acres."
"Personally, I think young musicians need to learn to play more than one style. Jazz can only enhance the classical side, and classical can only enhance the jazz. I started out playing classical, because you have to have that as a foundation."
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"Television is so influential that when an audience sees you day-in and day-out there's a certain acceptance that sets in; you're no longer a threatening personality. They become more willing to accept whatever you present."
"I still play jazz, and I've always got that trumpet very handy, but I'm coming to feel the classical venues are where my main focus is, in the realm of symphonic pops."

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