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"Dancing in the Streets."
"I worshipped Berry Gordy for the creative dreams he had made come true."
"A song has to become as much a part of you as a tailored suit."
"Berry Gordy turned his house into a studio and discovered over 30 acts in the city. And we're famous all over the world."
"I pray for miracles. I have always found prayer to bring quick results."
"I still marvel at how God turns dreams into reality."
"I was stranded in Disco. I went to dozens of darkened places with enough flashing lights to drive the average person mad. I felt lost in the pulse of sheer panic."
"I went from elementary school to proper training, operatic training, and I went on to the Motown University and learned a lot of things from some wonderful people."
"I will always dance in the street."
"Most performers spend half their earnings taking care of family members."
"The morning after my high-school graduation found me up early job hunting. The dream of college I put on the back burner."
"The world I was born into was one filled with music."
"There are times in show business when you work so much you think you will pop your cork, and then suddenly you can't find any work."
"You can't very well live in a castle while your kin is on the poor side of town and barely have enough food. Some want you to get to the top and rely on you making it for them, too."
"A large family makes you accept sharing your parents."
"If you stick around long enough, people start referring to you as a survivor. Suddenly I found myself on the receiving end of several prestigious awards."
"Lead singers not only do the majority of the work, but their personalities are singled out and taken as the general attitude of the unit."
"I've got to take a back seat while I learn to drive. I'm learning as I go. I'm getting a crash course."
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"People love me everywhere. On an unofficial level, I'm an ambassador and a civil servant for Detroit. Now I'm going for the official title,"
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