Lita Ford Quotes

26 Lita Ford quotes:

"But when I record my next studio album, of course I'll do the lead vocals."
"Don't get me wrong, I've seen some very excellent women musicians."
"I did play every little note on the guitar on that record."
"I didn't tour Europe, because I didn't have any label support."
"I don't smoke, so they never sent me a copy."
"I have a lot of female fans."
"I like to travel. I love touring, I love playing."
"I loved Herman's Head. And it was a great experience."
"I need that aggressive attitude to play my music and more men have that attitude than women."
"I think it gets boring (for the audience) for the lead singer to have a guitar hanging on them all the time."
"I was eleven and I wanted to play it because it was in my blood. It was a feeling I couldn't deny."
"I worked at the cosmetic counter at a fine department store."
"I'm happy when I'm doing what I do best."
"I'm not much of a club goer because every time I do go I get in trouble."
"I've got a great place, it's a country house."
"It's better for me to play with guys because Rock 'n' Roll has such an aggressive attitude."
"It's nice when they say I inspire them, it inspires me."
"Joe Walsh is a great guy and and an unbelievable talent, I'd like to work with him again someday."
"Life has become serious for me, although I do like to party every now and then."
"So I always get in some kind of situation where next thing I know it's four a.m. and I go, uh oh, I have a photo session first thing in the morning!"

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