Jimmy Carl Black Quotes

35 Jimmy Carl Black quotes:

"As far as me knowing if Frank was a genius - in those days, I thought Einstein was the only genius around."
"Frank was the BOSS and was not open to anything that was not from his head. There were no arguments about music because if you did, he would show you where the door was. Period."
"I went to work with a guy named Matt Fuller, who was a Mothers fan, and low and behold, Arthur was working for him also. We worked together for about six months and decided to strike out on our own."
"I was hoping for it to be possibly a movie career as I still would like to see that happen. I enjoyed making 200 Motels and did try out for a few things when I lived in LA, but nothing ever happened. I'm still hoping though."
"I would have told him that I appreciated his friendship through the years and that I had learned a lot from him. I really loved Frank like you do a brother."
"In my opinion, Lenny Bruce was more of an influence on Zappa's satirical lyric's than anyone that I know of."
"We never got anything out of the recordings. I'm still as broke as I was when I was with the Mothers."
"It's the so called EXPERTS that say things to me that we did, or Frank did, that are absolutely not true and they will argue with me saying that I'm wrong."
"I got married about three years ago again to a wonderful German woman. Her name is Monika and she is beautiful. She is one of the biggest women Zappa fans I have ever met in my life."
"I really like playing live and don't mind being on the road, if it's with the right band. I do like creating in the studio and enjoy the end results."
"I think a lot of the Mothers stuff that we recorded was written while we were on the road."
"I think that the old Mothers started that trend of rehearsing long hours. We went as long as the later bands did except we didn't get paid for it like they did."
"I've done every tour with them since then and will always be with them as long as they're together."
"It would make me feel that creative art has a chance in this crazy world that we all live in."
"My drum sticks are in the "Hall of Fame." I know that."

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