John L. Motley Quotes

18 John L. Motley quotes:

"A new civilization was not to be improvised by a single mind."
"A soil, exhausted by the long culture of Pagan empires, was to lie fallow for a still longer period."
"A terrible animal, indeed, is an unbridled woman."
"A third force, developing itself more slowly, becomes even more potent than the rest: the power of gold."
"Enthusiasm could not supply the place of experience."
"History shows how feeble are barriers of paper."
"In the Netherlands, as throughout Europe, a thousand obscure and slender rills are slowly preparing the great stream of universal culture."
"In the tenth century the old Batavian and later Roman forms have faded away."
"The crusades made great improvement in the condition of the serfs."
"The Gauls were an agricultural people."
"The history of the Franks becomes, therefore, the history of the Netherlands."
"Thus the whole country was broken into many shreds and patches of sovereignty."
"When did one man ever civilize a people?"
"With the Germans, the sovereignty resided in the great assembly of the people."
"But Charlemagne came an age too soon."
"For a century longer, Rome still retains its outward form, but the swarming nations are now in full career."
"The trade between England and the Netherlands had existed for ages, and was still extending itself, to the great advantage of both countries."
"Wealth brings strength, strength confidence."

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