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"Once a declaration of disaster was declared, then it wasn't a state issue anymore. Help was asked for, and help wasn't given. And help still hasn't been given. ... If you don't know what to do, then you shouldn't be doing it. Find somebody who knows what to do."
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"You're looking good Canada!, ... You're sounding good too!"
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"Since we've been married, we've always been together on tour, whether Faith tags along with me or I tag along with her. It's part of the program. As for combining ideas of how the tour should go, we're pretty agreeable on the most important things."
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"We've seen a basic improvement on fan behavior so fans can have a safe, enjoyable time, ... Last year we had good cooperation with fans."
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"I like the values in Flicka, and I wanted to do a movie my kids could see and be proud of."
"No, there will come a time where I'm not gonna do this anymore. I mean, there will come a time, definitely, where I'll turn into Elvis - I'm gonna be fat and fishin', I guarantee you."
"We knew we could make a great record because we had the confidence of the last album. We were then able to go further, take it to another level."
"Five years ago I figured we were at the top of our game and that was the best it was going to get, but with every album it seems to keep on building on itself."
"We're very blessed, just very fortunate to have the things we have."
"They were anti-racist. 'An eye for an eye leaves us blind,' 'Say no to hate' over a dove and peace symbol."
Author: McGraw Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"There's a tear in his eye that refuses to fall.If it would land on me, that would say it all."
Author: McGraw Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"Maybe in 10 or 15 years when the music has died down."
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