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Don Ellis Quotes

7 Don Ellis quotes:

"I expect the audience to come up to my level. I am not interested in compromising my music to make it palatable to an assumed sub-standard mass."
"To be a true artist you have to play the way you feel - not the way others think you should feel."
"Because when we are right there is not a band in the world that can touch us!"
"I got bored with the old way - it came too easy. I worked until I could play and chord changes at any tempo in any key, and then said 'What else is there?' Now I'm finding out."
"On those long notes behind the trumpet solo, if anyone lets his mind wander for a minute he is dead."
"It is much easier to be accepted if you play like everyone else, and you will get more jobs. It depends on where your values lie."
"If one takes all the styles in jazz harmonically from the earliest beginnings to the latest experiments, he still has a rather limited scope when compared to the rest of music in the world."

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