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39 Norman Granz quotes:

"Ella can work nightclubs that Duke might not be able to work, because of having the big band. Where they go now is strictly a matter of their own names and talents."
"For years, Jazz At The Philharmonic albums were the only ones of their kind."
"I made it easier for many artists to play in certain areas."
"I still continue to do at least four concert tours a year, and in many cases, as many as six."
"I'm talking as a professional impresario. I'm not judging anybody at all."
"In 1958, I decided that I was going to live in Europe permanently. So in 1959 I moved to Lugano, Switzerland."
"Jazz was uplifted by what I did."
"Of the newer people I would like to display to the public, I find it almost impossible to get them to agree to the jam session form."
"The economic picture in the States today doesn't allow for jazz concerts in a tour fashion. People now are too used to the Festival, which gives them more names for the same price."
"When I was doing jazz concerts in America, I would use the biggest names I could find."
"Amsterdam must have more than a million people. But the only area where jazz is really profitable and successful in an economic sense is in Japan. That's because they haven't been exposed enough."
"Ellington is a writer and arranger, as well as a musician and leader. He does movie sound tracks."
"I don't want to sound as if I'm doing something tremendously special. But I am a jazz fan."
"Many movie people, who would never have dreamt of using jazz arrangers for scores, are doing it frequently now, even though they water them down."
"My function at Verve was that of a genuine producer in artists and repertoire."
"The public, hearing pop music, is, without knowing it, also soaking up jazz."
"There are many artists that I present that I admit I like less than I do others. But I think that they warrant being presented by my own, personal standards."
"To play today in London, next week in Madrid and the week after that in Warsaw is a bit better than playing Newark and Baltimore and Philadelphia. I've been doing that for 20 years."
"You will always find a few people in any area that would like things done completely their way."

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