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11 Judith Rossner quotes:

"Writers are the lunatic fringe of publishing."
"It's astonishing what some women will put up with just to have a warm body. Some of the brightest women I know are just obsessed with that search. It's very sad."
"I knew I'd have to go to work in real estate or something else or I could never finish my novel."
"I was 37 years old. I wanted to support myself by writing."
"I was dictating to my mother when I was 5."
"I'd like to get out of here without having to talk to the producer."
"I'm a lousy journalist."
"My first book took five years to write and I made $1,000 on it. The second took three years and I made $3,000. All this time I was a housewife being supported by a husband. I was very lucky."
"The more interesting the 9-to-5 work is, the more it takes away from my real work, which is writing."
"My abiding theme is separations."
"Love is the direct opposite of hate. By definition it's something you can't feel for more than a few minutes at a time, so what's all this bullshit about loving somebody for the rest of your life?"
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