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"He was the first person to befriend me at Harvard. At any rate, in some class the teacher gave us an exercise which I've used ever since."
"I used to carry about with me a German map-case filled with poems."
"In The Lime Twig I took two very young people and made them very old."
"Once I started to write prose, I certainly did not envy the poets. I've mocked poets and poetry ever since I began writing fiction."
"The earliest memory in Connecticut that I can think of has to do with a riding stable that abutted against the property of my grandfather."
"As he was telling us about these pleasures, at that very moment, in the ruin and the tall grass, I stepped on a hornets, nest and got stung."
"I didn't know what kind of jobs, because how was I prepared? At best, I would be an AB in English."
"My education was constantly interrupted. I moved around a great deal, had no real sense of home, except for the New England landscape."
"As in The Lime Twig dream and illusion are right at the center of Charivari."
"I had to go to Sunday school once or twice in my life, and that's where I commented someplace on hearing."
"I remember my mother finding mud somehow and putting it on the sting."
"My mother wanted very much to play tennis; she wanted, most of all, to be a singer and play the piano."
"On the night before we were married, all of the anxiety in the world came down upon me."
"It's hard to tell whether the ship or airplane - they're all the same, I'm convinced - is male or female; it may shift back and forth."
"My father's parents were Irish. Only a year before my father died, he and I went back to Ireland for a week to look at the old homestead."
"Really, I didn't like Alaska. It rained, almost every day, at least 300 days out of the year."
"To be anywhere near an enormous ocean liner when you are just like a fish in the water is frightening."
"When we lived in Juneau, Alaska, it was a town of about 7,000 people, and totally isolated; the only way to get to it was by ship."
"We have good chances in most of the races and that's all you can ask. You need luck to win a race, anywhere."
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"I'm only interested in fiction that in some way or other voices the very imagination which is conceiving it."

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