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15 Karl Shapiro quotes:

"Already old, the question Who shall die? Becomes unspoken Who is innocent?"
"To make the child in your own image is a capital crime, for your image is not worth repeating. The child knows this and you know it. Consequently you hate each other."
"And in a comic mood, In mid-air take to bed a wife."
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"Haul up the flag, you mourners, Not half-mast but all the way; The funeral is done and disbanded; The devil's had the final say"
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"Oh, it is I, Incredibly skinny, stooped, and neat as pie, Ignorant as dirt, erotic as an ape, Dreamy as puberty - with dirty hair!"
"In the tight belly of the dead, Burrow with hungry head, And inlay maggots like a jewel."
"Lastly, his tomb shall list and founder in the troughs of grass. And none shall speak his name."
"Laughter and grief join hands. Always the heart Clumps in the breast with heavy stride; The face grows lined and wrinkled like a chart, The eyes bloodshot with tears and tide. Let the wind blow, for many a man shall die."
"But with exquisite breathing you smile, with satisfaction of love, And I touch you again as you tick in the silence and settle in sleep."
"The doctor punched my vein,The captain called me Cain, Upon my belly sat the sow of fear."
"The good poet sticks to his real loves, those within the realm of possibility. He never tries to hold hands with God or the human race."
"My soul is now her day, my day her night, So I lie down, and so I rise."
"Poetry is innocent, not wise. It does not learn from experience, because each poetic experience is unique."
"The body, what is it, Father, but a sign To love the force that grows us, to give back What in Thy palm is senselessness and mud?"
"O hideous little bat, the size of snot, With polyhedral eye and shabby clothes."
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