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Bruce Paltrow Quotes

6 Bruce Paltrow quotes:

"I would have been willing to do anything for my father. I would have moved in with my father to look after him if my mother had died. It's just that sort of commitment. That's just the way my family is."
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"My relationship with my father was the most central relationship of my life from the time I was zero to 30,"
Author: Paltrow Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"He's always sort of felt like family to me in some respects. I know exactly what he's trying to convey. I trust him so implicitly. Sometimes, you work with someone and you're sort of guarded because you're not sure about their instincts. But with him, I feel he's going to take me much further than I could get on my own."
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"It's a prizefight. Get off the stool, take your beating, go back to your corner, rest, and take a beating again. Believe in your own talent. Marry well."
"Don't dumb it down. The audience is smart and gets what you are doing."
"Everything has been homogenized. Over time, with television and jet travel, everybody has blended together. Some of our wonderful charm has been lost."

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