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Porter Goss Quotes

14 Porter Goss quotes:

"The jobs I'm being asked to do, the five hats that I wear, are too much for this mortal. I'm a little amazed at the workload."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"reaffirms our role as the lead for human intelligence."
"We've got to have some patience ... It's a tough job,"
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"The only thing that this uproar does is give aid and comfort to the enemy and I don't think there's anybody who wants to give aid and comfort to the terrorists,"
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"In other words, it has increased since then."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"An enemy that's working in an amorphous network that doesn't have to worry about a bunch of regulations, chain of command, rule of law or anything else has got a huge advantage over a stultified, slow-moving, bureaucratic, by-the-book organization,"
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"My understanding is that the last, absolute inventory that was taken -- that surely established where these hard drives were -- was part of the Y2K survey, which would be at the beginning of the year."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Understanding Quotes
"I don't [have a problem with the resolution's language] because I think that we are the last nation, whether we like it or not, that has the capability to deal with some of these problems that are regional as well as global. I think we have to be engaged in it."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"They very definitely would like to find out all our secrets so they could copy them and take advantage of them, either in terms of their national security, the modernization of the army -- the PLA -- or in terms of competition in the marketplace,"
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"Our assessment is they have a greater capability than that assessment, ... In other words, it has increased since then."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"In the intelligence community, everyone does his job and you don't share the information unless there is a need to know. This could be a case where the right compartments didn't talk to each other."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"Intelligence-related issues have become the fodder of partisan food fights and turf power skirmishes. All the while, the demand for our services and products against a ruthless and unconventional enemy has expanded geometrically, and we are expected to deliver instantly,"
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"CIA will have the authority to set standards for the entire intelligence community on things relating to (human espionage),"
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"The Iraq conflict, while not a cause of extremism, has become a cause for extremists."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes American Publicservant Quotes

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