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"He was a very personally attractive, excited, and thoughtful guy who cared about a wide range of science. When I first heard there was a question about his work, it came as a very great surprise to me."
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"Were we to go with 60 percent at NIH reviews, many of us scientists would be very uncomfortable with the quality."
"When we talk about stem cells, we are actually talking about a complicated series of things, including adult stem cells which are largely cells devoted to replacing individual tissues like blood elements or liver or even the brain."
"There is an increasing belief that we need to understand the structure better,"
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"There is actually a fair amount of money being put behind science today."
"[Baltimore said his intention to retire as president of the Pasadena-based university was not prompted by any health problem, budget deficit or management disagreements, but rather a sense that he had accomplished his goals as an administrator.] Caltech is a wonderful place, the best place to do science I have ever seen, ... I will have done what I can do [as president], and it is time for somebody else to be thinking about it. I have a fairly extensive life in science and in business that I will pursue."
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"I think we can allow the therapeutic uses of nuclear transplant technology, which we call cloning, without running the danger of actually having live human beings born."
"When are we going to say cancer is cured? I'm not sure when that will happen, if that will happen because cancer is a very slippery disease and it involves a vast number of cells in the body and those cells are continually mutating."
"I think they are looking for publicity and they are looking for a name for themselves."
"What does gene A do? What does gene B do? What does it do in different contexts? What's its importance? We know the answer to that for a very small number of genes, the ones that made themselves evident many years ago."
"There are lots of other issues in policy including the stem cell issue."

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