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"I considered going to film school; I took a course in film and was very interested in filmmaking as well as film writing."
"I don't think American poetry has gotten any better in the past 35 years. Oddly enough, creative writing programs seem to have been good for fiction, and I would not have predicted that."
"I don't think poetry is something that can be taught. We can encourage young writers, but what you can't teach them is the very essence of poetry."
"I don't think the creative writing industry has helped American poetry."
"The fact that something is in a rhymed form or in blank verse will not make it good poetry."
"Part of the pleasure of being a writer is that you get to go to unexpected places. If a place sounds interesting, I like to go."
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"Among the American contemporaries I read with most enjoyment are several North Carolinians. I think the best poetry being written these days is being written by Southerners."
"I did not have a very literary background. I came to poetry from the sciences and mathematics, and also through an interest in Japanese and Chinese poetry in translation."
"I love to create interesting textures with language. You can do it as long as it seems like a discovery."
"I tell students they will know they are getting somewhere when a scene is so painful they can just barely bring themselves to write about it. A writer has to draw blood."
"In the best fiction, the language itself can become almost invisible."
"One of the biggest changes that ever occurred in my life was going from the isolation of working part-time as a house painter in Henderson County, to Cornell, where everybody was a literary person."
"Philip Larkin has a tough honesty and sense of humor that I find irresistible, as a contemporary poet."
"The Black Mountain poet I like most is the early Creeley. Those early poems seem very lyrical and very traditional, with a lot of voice and character."
"The idea of avant-garde art is a very suspicious thing to me, the idea that poetry is new and it keeps being new the way Chevrolets every year are new."
"When I read Baudelaire and Rimbaud and Nerval, I saw that was the gold standard. And I still think that."
"When you have an idea for a story, you want those characters to reach as many people as you can. I think you normally think of prose as a way of doing that. It fits our time, the culture."
"You have to really dive deep back into yourself and get rid of so much modern analytical categorization. It's one of the great things poetry does."
"Young writers find their first audience in little magazines, and experimental writers find their only audience there."
"Jim, you told me years ago you had sexual feelings for them,"
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