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102 William Cowper quotes:

"Man may dismiss compassion from his heart, but God never will"
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Ceremony leads her bigots forth, prepared to fight for shadows of no worth. While truths, on which eternal things depend, can hardly find a single friend."
"The innocent seldom find an uncomfortable pillow."
"Existence is a strange bargain. Life owes us little; we owe it everything. The only true happiness comes from squandering ourselves for a purpose."
"Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour."
"He has no hope that never had a fear."
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"Tis hard if all is false that I advance, A fool must now and then be right, by chance"
"Not scorned in Heaven, though little noticed here."
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Heaven Quotes
"Grief is itself a med'cine."
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Grief Quotes Medicine Quotes
"Knowledge dwells in heads replete with thoughts of other men; wisdom in minds attentive to their own."
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"The path of sorrow and that path alone, leads to a land where sorrow is unknown."
"Oh that those lips had language! Life has passed With me but roughly since I heard thee last"
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"And, of all lies (be that one poet's boast) / The lie that flatters I abhor the most."
"One leg by truth supported, one by lies,They sidle to the goal with awkward pace,Secure of nothing -- but to lose the race."
"So turning to his horse, he said, / I am in haste to dine; / 'Twas for your pleasure you came here, / You shall go back for mine."
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"I praise the Frenchman, his remark was shrewd - How sweet, how passing sweet is solitude! But grant me still a friend in my retreat, Whom I may whisper Solitude is sweet"
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Praise Quotes
"The proud are ever most provoked by pride."
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"Rome shall perish - write that word / In the blood that she has spilt."
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"Unmissed but by his dogs and by his groom."
Author: Cowper Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes
"A patriot's blood, Well spent in such a strife, may earn indeed, And for a time ensure to his loved land, The sweets of liberty and equal laws; But martyrs struggle for a brighter prize, And win it with more pain. Their blood is shed In confirmation of the noblest claim -- Our claim to feed upon immortal truth, To walk with God, to be divinely free, To soar, and to anticipate the skies. Yet few remember them."

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