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13 Randy Foye quotes:

"The guy with one-and-a-half eyes shot the ball the best. He missed some open looks, but he hit the big ones. He's back and he's perfect."
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"That was a perfect example of what can happen. It just shows you how tough this league can be. You can lose to anyone on any given night."
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"I told my teammates to keep fighting because I knew if we lost it would be my last game. I wanted to keep playing."
"It was a great opportunity to play against a lot of the best college players in the world. I also got a chance to see a different style of basketball. The players over there are different. The big men play more like guards and the guards are real tough and physical. It was good because we had to adapt."
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"Coach Hill did a good job working with not just me, all our guards. The summer when I got here he showed me little things he did with (former Seton Hall guard) Andre Barrett to make him one of the best guards in the Big East."
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"I just told Coach Wright, 'Thanks for the ride, thanks for pushing me these four years, for me being the man that I am today. He just told me just keep my head up and keep working hard, and he would always be there for me."
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"We didn't know if we were going to win without him or not. Then coach put the four guards in there and we saw what we could do with four guards."
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"We just had to learn from it. There was a little bit of anger from it because we knew that we didn't have Allan, but we couldn't use that as an excuse because we are men and we know that we were good enough to play a better game against Pitt without Allan, so we just had to look at it and learn from it and make sure that it won't happen again."
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"Looking at him, he's the definition of hard work."
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"You just think back, and you know all the hard work you put in is finally paying off."
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"There was nothing different at all. We're a work in progress. Nothing changes."
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"We have a job to do here."
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"They were kind of shocked."
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