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Robert Sternberg Quotes

26 Robert Sternberg quotes:

"ACT and SAT each have their own parts of the country. The GRE has its lock on graduate admissions. And so, one could blame the companies, but really, economically, they have no incentive to change things very much because they're getting the business."
"If Tufts doesn't work out, my safety is to go back to Yale, where I used to teach."
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"#2 is you'll find that many people are accepted who don't have the high SATs, but they have some degree of distinction in something else because the competitive colleges don't want just a bunch of people who are good at getting As, they want diversity."
"All of the studies we do in my group are quantified."
"And in order to succeed in later life, you need creative skills because look at how fast the world is changing."
"But what many psychologists have done, probably because they did well on a test themselves and everyone wants high self esteem, is to create this little box and then do their research inside it."
"In other words, if a teacher only teaches in one way, then they conclude that the kids who can't learn well that way don't have the ability, when, in fact, it may be that the way the teacher's teaching is not a particularly good match to the way those kids learn."
"In other words, unlike some people with new theories, we will go out, we'll go into a school and we get products and the products are evaluated, whether it's by teachers or others. The scores are quantified and then we compare performances."
"Research has shown that IQ type tests account for about 10% of the variation in how successful people are in various aspects of their adult lives."
"So, for example, if a child is labeled as having a learning disability, it has very concrete consequences for the kinds of services and potentially accommodations that child will get."
"The first is, what our studies show is that if kids learn creatively and practically, they learn better, even if the tests are for memory."
"The problem is that there are very few technologies that essentially haven't changed for 60, 70 years."
"To the Kenyan families, school doesn't really matter because none of them are going on to college. Almost all of drop out of school and so, they're spending their time learning things that are important to them."
"When I grew up, there were no computers that anyone used, except for the big scientists. There was no internet, there were no VCRs."
"Passion is the quickest to develop, and the quickest to fade. Intimacy develops more slowly, and commitment more gradually still."
"develop leaders of the next generation, and not necessarily CEOs and presidents."
"And if we don't have a test, what we may end up doing is going back to what this country has done before. We could use social class and we still do, but in the 50s, it was, do you have the right last name and are your parents in privileged positions?"
"And so, you can do hundreds and hundreds of studies showing a general factor and just so long as you restrict your populations, your testing materials and the kinds of situations you look at, you can keep finding the same wrong thing again and again."
"I've taught statistics, math courses and what I've found is that often if you teach them algebraically the formulas, you'll have one group of kids doing well."
"If there's going to be an SAT, it's probably practical to invest in a book or perhaps in a course, but I'm sorry to say, I went to some classes that my kids took and it was clear in school that what they were doing was just SAT training."

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