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"I always check myself for ticks. As for Lyme disease, a tick has to be on your skin 24 hours before you are at risk, but you'll never see that in the headlines, ... Also as a general rule, we don't touch any wildlife unless we're absolutely sure what it is."
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"He's very patient. I wouldn't have enough patience to sit here all the time and do that and the bravery, it being open, everybody seeing him sitting here, seeing him do it."
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"Really, sometimes it's just aim, fire and go for it, ... On the flow sheet, I'll say I want to cover a minimum of 10 species, and I carry it with me and make notes on what it eats, where its found, and what's cool or common about it."
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"They can detect the variations in the amount of daylight each day. It is a sensory response that many animals use."
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"She's like a sponge: she soaks up everything that is being said, ... We talk about nature all the time, and we read to her three to four books every night; books on amphibians, reptiles, but also other books on other topics are mixed in there."
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