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"The virus is of course entrenched in the environment, not only in China but in many other countries."
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"Details and logistics still have to be finalized, but the commitment is there, and it is hoped that this sharing will serve as a template for a regular virus sharing mechanism for the future."
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"As more outbreaks occur among poultry and animals around the world, and as more human cases occur, the virus has more chances to transmit more effectively from animals to humans, or possibly among humans as well."
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"If the animals in the area were sick and dying, and if they were dying in small numbers, it might have been very difficult to identify that as an outbreak."
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"This is a reiteration of how much of a public health threat bird flu really is. Sometimes it takes a human case or a suspected human case to raise the alarm, to remind us that no country, whether China or anywhere else, can afford to be complacent."
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"In large parts of China, especially in the countryside, over the last 20 or 30 years, the health system has been crumbling. You've got problems in terms of being able to provide basic health care to people. Surveillance is key to containing any outbreak, and to preventing any pandemic…not only in the animal sector, of course, but then you have to be able to also survey the human population."
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"There are still many questions."
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"It means that there is a question mark that hangs over the progress of the virus in China. It's perhaps more significant to get animal viruses, because this virus is still something that is primarily in the animal sector."
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