Sara Paretsky Quotes

33 Sara Paretsky quotes:

"I had spent a summer in Chicago doing community service work and loved the city, so when I finished my undergraduate degree I moved there permanently."
"I always wrote; my first story was published in the magazine The American Girl when I was 11."
"I spent 10 years as a marketing manager. I've found my experience in the financial world invaluable background for writing about white-collar crimes."
"I've been married for many years to a physicist who's been about as supportive and encouraging of my work as any partner could be."
"My parents were liberal intellectuals but even they expected me to stay at home and look after my younger siblings and do the housework."
"The possibility of bringing white-collar criminals to justice is ever receding over the horizon."
"White-collar crime gets more outrageous by the second in America."
"Capo, my first golden retriever, so loved to swim she once jumped off a cliff to get into Lake Superior."
"In 1986 we were trying to help women get in print, stay in print, and come to the attention of booksellers and libraries. At that time, books by men mystery writers were reviewed seven times as often as books by women."
"No agent wants to see a book until he or she has decided whether to pursue the relationship."
"Sometimes I think I'm a one-trick pony because I'm not very inventive about new ways of telling stories."
"Write what you care about."
"Around the time I turned 30, I wanted to publish a novel."
"I thought it was time for a tough, smart, likable female private investigator, and that's how VI came to life."
"I'm a grandmother, and a mighty proud one."
"I had wanted to write Ghost Country for a long time, but it wouldn't work."
"I'm a daydreamer."
"I'm very honoured that there is a loyal following and I hope it continues."
"The crime novel has always been my favourite genre."
"I realised I'd never climb Everest but thought I could still write a book."

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