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"We're obviously looking forward to it and are anxious to play. I'm concerned more about College of Charleston (tonight)."
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"He's played a lot of baseball in the last few years, and it's a long season for those kids the first time. It's only natural that they lost a little bit at the very end."
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"I told them to put the elements out of their mind. Anybody who mentioned it or complained, I said I would kick them off the bench. It wasn't that bad to me. You just have to keep moving and (today) will be a challenge because we'll be playing two nine inning games."
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"(Chalk) has a very good mind for the game. He's got good savvy and good instincts."
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"They took advantage of mistakes we made. We made a couple of mistakes and each one of those cost us. They just played a notch better than we did."
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"We have learned a lot of lessons along the way. It's a season of learning experiences. (Saturday) we got a lead and let up and today we got down and we were able to come back, so I was pleased with how we responded."
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