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Mark Stahlman Quotes

10 Mark Stahlman quotes:

"This is the right guy at the right time, ... He is a high tech guy and a high growth guy who is very operations oriented."
Author: Stahlman Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"He looked me in the eye and said, 'AOL is the future of Time Warner. We're going to make this thing work the way it was originally supposed to work,'"
Author: Stahlman Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"There's a growing feeling that Apple isn't the media's best friend. The media companies see downloading (content) as the future of their businesses, and they don't like one company holding 70% or 80% of the market share for making that content available."
"The importance of studios is exaggerated. Stringer has been clear that Sony is fundamentally a hardware company,"
Author: Stahlman Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"There are a bunch of value investors who put Sun on their radar screens and have figured out that Sun is going to have a better-than-expected September quarter and potentially a blowout December quarter,"
Author: Stahlman Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"The concerns that everybody had over the summer that maybe growth was finished -- clearly that was wrong."
Author: Stahlman Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Previous management understood what needed to be changed, but they were unable to make it happen, ... To actually make these changes is a massive challenge. It can't be done quickly. There will be people who will resist. There's no avoiding a good deal of internal conflict."
"IBM is perhaps the most important earnings call because this company is the one that has made itself out as a new model of a major tech company,"
Author: Stahlman Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"Microsoft is becoming more and more a server company and less and less a classic PC company,"
Author: Stahlman Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"We believe that R&D has been fixed, costs are under control and the customer base is diverse and large enough to support sustained growth. We take Mr. McNealy at his word that his continuing role as Sun's CEO and Chairman will last only as long as the 'job isn't done."
Author: Stahlman Quotes Category: Control Quotes

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