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"I was always the kid in school that teachers were getting after to be quiet. My report card had math, A, reading, A, spelling, A, science, A, conduct, F. I was always talking to somebody. They would always take me and put me over in a corner by myself."
"I thought we played hard at times but our execution was not very good. We felt that they were bigger but I thought we were faster. They turned it in to a half court game and they beat us. We just didn't make the plays we needed to make in order to win the game."
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"I guess it's something that has kind of developed, ... By the time the game starts, coach Reggie and I have studied the opponent so much I know the percentages of what a team will do on third down or second down or out of a certain formation. When you look at football scientifically and probabilities you can guess right. And sometimes it's just common sense. When they've got three or four guys over here and one over there, you can guess the ball is going over there."
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