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"Any time you can come on the road in a hostile environment on a short week and win, it's a challenge. All the guys in this locker room were challenged and I thought they responded."
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"Contrary to popular belief, technically Scott is more in personnel now. We couldn't make that move here because of where we are in our personnel department, so I think it was a great move."
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"He has the confidence of his coaches and his team, I think that's the key. We had a couple of guys in front of him. Those couple of guys got hurt a year ago and those couple of guys have gotten hurt this year. We've been down this road before."
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"They play better defense than what their statistics showed. I felt that coming in."
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"In situations such as this, the level of public debate is often not as high as one would like it to be. But I think we can have a public process that represents everyone's values."
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"Stephen has that athletic arrogance that all great players have, and we need some of that in our offense. We knew his lack of production in Washington didn't result from a decline in his skills. It came from not playing or running as much. But he's our kind of back. There may be faster runners, but there aren't many who are as productive [in terms of carries]."
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"You always have some anxiety there. Players try to protect each other the best they can, but the important thing is we made it through unscathed. A lot of it's because these guys know how to practice smart."
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"That loss to Dallas last week hurt very, very badly. The pride and character in that locker room stepped up."
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"We've been in this spot (clinching) for the past month. I think the pride and character in this locker room stepped up today and I'm very proud of them."
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"I wouldn't call a 10-5 football team inconsistent. Eight and eight is what I call inconsistent, about half out is good and half out is bad. I would like to be 15-0, too, and I think every coach in the league would. But the reality is nobody is."
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"At halftime, I kind of knew what kind of a game it was going to be for them offensively ... they were going to throw it a lot. You give them a little momentum, and he's pretty special."
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"Like I told the football team, I thought we had a tremendous season. We accomplished a lot with some of the things we went through."
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"He's got competitive greatness. That's what separates guys. That's what drives him, I think that's the key to him. I think he's just a very, very strong-willed competitor."
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"I don't think there are any ill feelings about it. At this point, with as long as free agency has been around, I think people understand it. You can't fault the player. They're doing what is best for themselves and their family. It's just part of the business."
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"A lot of that stuff doesn't always get seen, it's kind of like playing offensive line - until there's a penalty on you it's almost like nobody knows you are there. Karl makes a lot of big plays and brings an attitude to that phase of our football team."
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"He's got a lot of passion,"
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"Because of what's happened in the past, I'm not going to sit here and doomsday our chances."
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"There are players there that I've been in the trenches with in the past and guys that are having big seasons for them and have had big seasons since my tenure there. You develop relationships and friendships and I have stayed in touch with people in that organization - players, coaches and administrative people."
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"You'd like to keep everybody. The reality, though, with free agency and the salary cap, is that you're not able to,"
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"I'd like to congratulate Arizona for their victory over San Francisco in the 'Burrito Bowl' last week. But now that their run to the border and back is complete, they've got the Carolina Panthers to answer to. I don't know if Dennis Green and his crew are aware of this, but the cardinal in the state bird of North Carolina, and we don't appreciate the evil-looking cardinal painted on the side of their helmets."
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