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8 Fred Thompson quotes:

"When it comes to personal courage and integrity and the courage to do what he thinks is right, regardless of whether or not it's particularly popular at the moment, John McCain has shown characteristics of leadership like no one else I've ever seen,"
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"It appears that this is nothing more than a desire to have a look-see to see if possibly something might turn up,"
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"Maybe ... it has to do just with your decisions,"
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"You have a lot of troubling questions ... You have some significant policy matters being determined in the midst of some very questionable activity involving a foreign government -- involving the very government that he is planning on visiting. So I don't think it's bad to stop and reassess that at this point,"
"I'm just going to switch jobs with (Kawaguchi),"
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"[The committee was unsympathetic to the rating agencies' testimony.] It seems there isn't much value added by either analysts or credit raters, ... [Rating agencies] don't really go beyond the documents, although you have the right to."
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"Our plan is to make the list again in 2006 and to continue to gain momentum from there."
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"[The Chinese] has lied consistently. Not only do they lie about such things as transfers of nuclear technology, they have lied to us about their involvement in our campaign, ... I wouldn't believe anything any of them said."

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