Les Carter Quotes

5 Les Carter quotes:

"Yeah, as a matter of fact, the boys are always giving me a hard time about that."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"Golf has always been a passion for me, ... Football is a very intense sport, and golf is considered a 'gentlemen's game.'"
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"The appearance pf the streets that have been gated is already starting to improve as residents start to fill them with planters, confident that they won't be spoiled by vandals."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Appearance Quotes
"Why should drunks who cannot restrain themselves in public cause problems for everyone else?"
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"I think in all coaching and in all athletics it requires dedication and commitment,"
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes

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