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"I think the most important education you can get for writing, music, and creativity is live. You can learn the book, but at some point you have to put the book on the shelf and realize that imagination comes before logic."
"I think it helped my creativity to be in a town that didn't have that influence. It helped the productivity to be in a place where there wasn't much structure. You had to make it happen for yourself."
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"And Elliot Easton of The Cars (who plays a guitar solo on the album) we're all huge Cars fans, and we asked,"
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"[This summer, they're taking that party out on the road for their first big tour with the Backstreet Boys, where they're being introduced to pyrotechnics (in the Backstreet show), and – what they're most excited about – their first tour bus.] We just came from a minivan. It's pretty amazing to suddenly be sleeping and back here writing songs and up there watching TV, ... It's awesome."
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"Kiss changed my life, ... Paul Stanley came to our show last summer; then we went to their show. Somehow I ended up going to L.A., to Paul Stanley's house, to write 'Angel to You, Devil to Me,' which is a track on our album."
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"[Despite the band's confident appearance and their strict belief in their fun philosophy, Romans admits the guys had real doubts about setting their sights on music careers.] When we started out, we were like, 'Are we out of our minds? Are we foolish? Are we completely mad?' But, no, I think at this point we're ready to do it. But it is kind of scary. ... It's definitely very unreal. Like today -- we're gonna do Conan O'Brien ; times like that you're like, what ?"
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"It's an exciting time, ... I think at this point [getting the record out] is more relieving than anything. We finished it around Christmas, so a lot of people have been asking, 'Are you nervous?' and 'Is there pressure?' I'm thinking right now it's just going to be a relief, because from here on all we can do is just keep doing what we're doing and let it unfold."
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