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"It's a matter of handling that animal's needs, exercise (and) mental stimulation. If they're a dog that chews a lot, you need to provide them with appropriate things to chew."
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"Exercise is key. If you can't fill that need, everything else falls apart."
Author: Shain Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"Despite their cuddly appearance, rabbits are fragile creatures who require special care. Too often people buy a rabbit thinking you can put them in a cage and they'll be a great pet, which is completely wrong. Baby bunnies require significant time socializing with people every day outside their cage in order to bond with and enjoy being handled by people."
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"It's one of the states we hear about most often. We need better laws, better enforcement, and a more educated public."
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"We applaud films that present the bond between dogs and their people. The downside is that people become so enamored by the character portrayed on screen that they want that dog in their home. They assume the breed is great without examining if it is the right match for their lifestyles."
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"They see the dogs do funny and interesting things, and the impression is when they get this animal home it will do funny and interesting things in their own home. But these dogs are highly trained, and it might have taken 50 takes to get the dog to do that."
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"People need to stop and think. Let the magic of the movie wear off a little before you buy a dog."
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