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"In most periods throughout history, households were net suppliers of money to the economy, ... Today, by a record amount, they are net borrowers from the rest of the economy."
"The creation of credit by the Fed, just like the scrip printed by a counterfeiter, does not result in the increased supply of energy."
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"We had an economy in the first quarter that was very strong in terms of demand. Manufacturers were working very hard to meet that demand. The Fed is going to have to raise interest rates some more."
"What this sets Greenspan up for on Thursday is to say yes, there are tentative signs the economy is slowing down and inflation continues to be well behaved."
"Basically we made a lot of ill-advised investments. We need to readjust the economy, and cheap credit isn't necessarily going to be the way to do that."
"I guess you could (say) that the Fed sees the light at the end of the tunnel. They believe that they have taken a lot of accommodation out of policy now."
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"He goes up to Congress, and they ask him questions about everything except monetary policy. It's unprecedented that a central banker is sort of viewed as an omniscient economic policy czar. It's not his responsibility."
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"To me, a cut now would just entice households to go deeper into debt, and that game has a limit to it."
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"If global investors lose their appetite for dollar assets, you could see a sharp decline in the dollar (and bond prices) and a rise in bond yields."
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"Rising bond yields would hurt the housing market. Unless incomes pick up to offset higher financing, you're going to have a problem."
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"OPEC doesn't suffer from money illusion. It decided they want an honest dollar for an honest barrel of oil."
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"Housing has gotten very expensive relative to income."
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"Maybe the economy's just going to bump along the bottom for a while or have sluggish growth. But given the state of consumer finance, I don't see how there can't be major problems if unemployment goes up."
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"The problem is that labor has basically priced itself out of the market. We had a very sharp run up in compensation costs in the late 1990s. People got too expensive and they're still too expensive."
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"What the Fed is trying to say is, 'We're getting ready to tighten, but it won't be a rerun of 1994,' ... Of course, they don't know that -- they didn't think 1994 was going to be the way it was."
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"Unfortunately, we no longer have the funds that could have been used to provide the seed money for Social Security privatization. It seems to me that he dropped the ball."
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"The Fed isn't eager to cut rates anymore. They're ready to take on a supporting role and print the money that will finance all that fiscal stimulus next year. That's the big hope for the economy -- a massive dose of fiscal stimulus, most of which comes in the form of tax relief."
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"When you print money, it's going to inflate some asset price. Maybe we'll revert to the late 1990s and buy stocks with it."
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"All that's happening when I buy stock is that my money supply goes down, while the seller's money supply goes up,"
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"Now, of course, a lot of it ... was in auto sales and production is probably going to flatten out in the months ahead."
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