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"We're delighted they're doing market-warming, ... It'll set up an appetite for true broadband access."
Author: Carson Quotes Category: Appetite Quotes
"People used to run to the doctor for every little thing. There's a lot of hope for health savings accounts and for more responsible usage of the system by employees."
Author: Carson Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"Passengers are the foundation of air travel and, in a competitive market, the airlines will continue meeting passengers' demands for more direct nonstop flights to destinations around the world with longer-range, efficient and comfortable airplanes. This requirement will be met by airplanes in the 200-to-400-seat capacity category, with relatively few very-large aircraft being needed."
Author: Carson Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"The key technology behind it is the proprietary phased array receive and transmit antenna that Boeing has been developing for some time,"
Author: Carson Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"This antenna allows you to track the satellites to bring the signal onto the airplane, but the real technology breakthrough has been using that same technology to bring the broadband data off the airplane."
Author: Carson Quotes Category: Technology Quotes

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