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Jack McCabe Quotes

7 Jack McCabe quotes:

"We sure haven't seen anybody talking about this kind of stuff in the last three years. I'd say the love fest in real estate is over."
Author: McCabe Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"They do not want to see any government regulations or control because it limits the profitability. The free market is not doing anything to yield more affordable housing."
Author: McCabe Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"It's a major crisis forming."
Author: McCabe Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Realtors have been selling properties by telling investors they can't lose -- that their investments will be home runs. But the value of real estate can go up or down. If it goes down, you'll see speculators suing brokers. You'll also see lenders suing speculators as speculators walk away from their payments or fail to meet their closing costs."
Author: McCabe Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Those that rise fastest experience corrections long-term."
Author: McCabe Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"There hasn't been the necessity to do that before. The environment is going to get highly competitive this year."
Author: McCabe Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"We are going to find the worst price corrections in the markets that have had the most explosive appreciation in the last three years. And guess what? Sarasota is one of the top five in the country."

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