Mark Landy Quotes

4 Mark Landy quotes:

"This offer is superior. This offer promises a higher price, stock with better appreciation potential, commitments to do what it takes to avoid antitrust concerns, and a firm timeline."
Author: Landy Quotes Category: Appreciation Quotes
"[MacMillan] has big shoes to fill and he's inheriting a legacy of 20% earnings growth."
Author: Landy Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"While Johnson & Johnson has the clear technology lead, the risk they run is in setting the price. If the price is favorable, doctors will reward them when new products come to market."
Author: Landy Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"When you have a look at the potential liability they have in infringement cases, you basically could save multiple billions of dollars."
Author: Landy Quotes Category: Potential Quotes

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