Desiderius Erasmus Quotes

28 Desiderius Erasmus quotes:

"They take unbelievable pleasure in the hideous blast of the hunting horn and baying of the hounds. Dogs dung smells sweet as cinnamon to them."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Dogs Quotes Hunting Quotes
"This type of man who is devoted to the study of wisdom is always most unlucky in everything, and particularly when it comes to procreating children; I imagine this is because Nature wants to ensure that the evils of wisdom shall not spread further throughout mankind."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"What is popularly called fame is nothing but an empty name and a legacy from paganism."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Fame Quotes
"Heaven grant that the burden you carry may have as easy an exit as it had an entrance."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Heaven Quotes
"Time takes away the grief of men."
"Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Darkness Quotes
"Don't give your advice before you are called upon."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"(Only by) the good influence of our conduct may we bring salvation in human affairs; or like a fatal comet we may bring destruction in our train"
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Influence Quotes
"Great eagerness in the pursuit of wealth, pleasure, or honor, cannot exist without sin"
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"It is the chiefest point of happiness that a man is willing to be what he is."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"As an example of just how useless these philosophers are for any practice in life there is Socrates himself, the one and only wise man, according to the Delphic Oracle. Whenever he tried to do anything in public he had to break off amid general laughter. While he was philosophizing about clouds and ideas, measuring a flea's foot and marveling at a midge's humming, he learned nothing about the affairs of ordinary life."
"Heaven grant that the burden you carry may have as easy an exit as it had an entrance. [Prayer To A Pregnant Woman]"
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Prayer Quotes
"Everybody hates a prodigy, detests an old head on young shoulders."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Quotes Quotes
"No one respects a talent that is concealed."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Quotes Quotes
"The more ignorant, reckless and thoughtless a doctor is, the higher his reputation soars even amongst powerful princes."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Reputation Quotes
"When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes."
"If you keep thinking about what you want to do or what you hope will happen, you don't do it, and it won't happen."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Quotes Quotes
"Fortune favors the audacious"
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Fortune Quotes
"Amongst the learned the lawyers claim first place, the most self-satisfied class of people, as they roll their rock of Sisyphus and string together six hundred laws in the same breath, no matter whether relevant or not, piling up opinion on opinion and gloss on gloss to make their profession seem the most difficult of all. Anything which causes trouble has special merit in their eyes."
"Jupiter, not wanting man's life to be wholly gloomy and grim, has bestowed far more passion than reason --you could reckon the ration as twenty-four to one. Moreover, he confined reason to a cramped corner of the head and left all the rest of the body to the passions."
Author: Erasmus Quotes Category: Passion Quotes

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