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Alexis McGee Quotes

6 Alexis McGee quotes:

"In Delaware, for example, severe job loss is expected as a result of Bank of America's acquisition of MBNA. That will put many households in financial distress."
Author: McGee Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"We're seeing reduced price appreciation in the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska although population growth and job growth there remain strong."
Author: McGee Quotes Category: Appreciation Quotes
"We're beginning to see price declines in most eastern markets in the fourth quarter of 2005."
Author: McGee Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"We also train our investor clients to develop win-win scenarios that benefit both the homeowner in distress and the investor. That way the troubled homeowner can sell their way out of foreclosure and conserve some equity for a new start, and the investor can realize a reasonable profit on resale of the home. That's much better than seeing the owner lose everything in an auction on the courthouse steps."
Author: McGee Quotes Category: Benefit Quotes
"I just think we are going to have a flattening of the appreciation curve. There are negative prognosticators speaking about the collapse of housing and I don't think that is true."
Author: McGee Quotes Category: Appreciation Quotes
"Our research has always shown a correlation between foreclosures and a flattening home price appreciation curve."
Author: McGee Quotes Category: Appreciation Quotes

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