Margaret Murphy Quotes

5 Margaret Murphy quotes:

"We're trying to work to have the milestones covered. When we have the approval process in place, we will be in a position to engage developers,"
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Approval Quotes
"Do we have the perfect price design standing here today? Probably not. Let's build in some carrots as well as some sticks that would send stronger signals about conservation. You might see those changes start to come in in 2007."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"I've asked if he could come and drive me to the beauty shop, and he did. If I go to the grocery and ask him if he can bring in my groceries, he's brought my groceries in. … If I have a need, I open the door and there he is. I think the world of him."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes
"How do we show a guilty mind? How do we show Christine Dodds knew what she was doing was wrong? That's the evidence we're going to present, evidence he was unaware of,"
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Safety is the biggest issue we have, ... Power is out in the downtown area, it's pitch dark, and we have downed power lines everywhere."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Power Quotes

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