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20 Michael Howard quotes:

"This is not just a disaster for South Asia. It is a British disaster, too."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes
"We cannot possibly take them all into this country [asylum seekers] - it is a completely unrealistic expectation."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"There's a great desire, at a time when the country faces such great danger, to work together. We're all in this together, and we all believe it's very important to show that the country is united in response to the danger we face, and we hope that it will be possible to reach agreement on further measures that will enable us to deal with this threat more effectively."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"For how long will this country have to put up with this lame duck prime minister, in office but not in power?"
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"would be a huge gamble with people's jobs and mortgages, putting the whole economy at risk."
"You simply cannot be in that shooting environment and not get blood on you. Several labs did extremely thorough examinations of Sarah Johnson's clothes and the reports indicated absolutely no blood."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Cisco has laid out a vision and architecture for Carrier Ethernet that provides service providers a broad selection of flexible options across all network domains. Cisco announced products today that deliver a number of important network services at cost-effective price points, adding to Cisco's already large portfolio."
"Doesn't the prime minister see, doesn't he really see, that this week marks the beginning of the final chapter of his administration?"
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"I probably would have stayed in the community and continued to work there had I felt support at all levels."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"Proof of Concept testing is a critical step in the design and development process, helping to get the design job done right the first time. No vendor can afford to let customers detect problems after the switches and routers are deployed on an enterprise backbone. Neither can manufacturers afford unnecessary delays in going to market."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"His authority has disappeared virtually to vanishing point. He is in office but not in power."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"We have seen the slow seepage of his authority turn into a hemorrhage."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"We'll make up as many games as we can to keep the season balanced."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It was apparently a very serious request. He already had people operating here, and who knows how history could have been rewritten if he had turned up here?"
Author: Howard Quotes Category: History Quotes
"If this government has an ounce of honor left, Charles Clarke has to go."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"did not tell the truth about the intelligence he received."
"You can think of it as translating different languages."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"Something drastic would have to happen to stop him from running."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"Based on our recent service provider studies, we see an intertwining of MPLS and Ethernet -- most providers of metro services are using or planning MPLS as a standard approach for augmenting and scaling their Layer 2 services. A cost-effective solution that has a mix of Layer 2, routing, and MPLS capabilities will help give these service providers the flexibility to expand their customer reach and increase revenue."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"The decline of multi-service switches and the rise of core and edge routers are a sign of the times."
Author: Howard Quotes Category: Service Quotes

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