Roger Launius Quotes

4 Roger Launius quotes:

"Challenger showed how sophisticated this technology was and how fragile it was, and our dreams were tied to it."
Author: Launius Quotes Category: Dreams Quotes
"This architecture for reaching the Moon is certainly one that makes possible a return, but it is also one among several approaches that could have been successful,"
"If science is the driver, what scientific activities are going to dominate? Decisions on this will affect the structure of the science effort as a whole, the landing site selection, the nature of robotic predecessors, the types of experiments developed, and a host of other issues that require sustained thought and planning."
Author: Launius Quotes Category: Science Quotes
"Now we're starting to enter into a new phase, which may be characterized as private-sector or space tourism."
Author: Launius Quotes Category: Space Quotes

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