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"High-speed or broadband networks are now common. Server operating systems are highly scalable and ready to support thousands or tens of thousands of clients."
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"The amount of computing resources put into place with a grid architecture can be enormous."
"The amount of computing resources put into place with a grid architecture can be enormous. Companies get to add the equivalent of a couple thousands PCs and that added horsepower that they do not have to pay for."
"He's been calling a lot of the plays over the last couple of years. This is his architecture, this is his strategy that Sun is playing. He has really put a lot of energy and new thinking into Sun."
"I don't see this as a crushing delay, but it certainly is embarrassing. It sounds like a four- to five-month delay, and that's not a disastrous day for Intel."
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"A lot of energy was being diffused and burned up in the process."
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"It's not so much a calculated security equation as an icky feeling about doing things differently."
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"Web-services technology is complicated stuff. You've got all sorts of standards governing security , reliability, and message bundling, and there are 30 or 40 major specifications and standards involved as well as a couple hundred slightly more minor ones. In a considerable number of cases, you will have to learn many of these dialects and it's a bewildering array to learn indeed."
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