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"This could certainly evolve to be an important component around network access control."
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"This is a relatively new technology space and people tend to deal with security in a tactical fashion. People are transitioning to take a bigger look at security. There's pretty convincing evidence that shows that a tactical approach to security doesn't work. There are more threats. There are more attack vectors. The attacks are getting nastier."
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"The need to protect confidential data cuts across companies large and small, within every industry. The results of our research data shed new light on the need for all organizations to protect against the insider threat, and the importance of including contractors and third-party affiliates as insiders in today's global marketplace."
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"Within the past year the mounting public pressure for companies to secure personal data and the corresponding increase in data protection regulation have forced organizations to re-evaluate the way data is handled. Our research shows that many more are deploying encryption as a protection mechanism."
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"Oracle is doing a good job of addressing security in its products, but they haven't figured out how security fits into their internal processes and overall architecture,"
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"By the end of this year, you'll have a visible household name with an all-Linux architecture."

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