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"The future line of products based on this architecture will generate more revenues than our previous lines of products. We have 5,800-plus customers, and we believe it will be easy to get adoption."
"He was exactly right. He bettered us, he bettered his draft position and had a lot of fun doing it."
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"It might have hurt us in recruiting that first year. A lot of schools were using it against us, saying we didn't have an athletic department, saying we were going to intramurals."
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"You know, there's not that many jobs."
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"I'm going to work as hard as I can, our staff is going to work as hard as they can, ... We'll take suggestions. The people who call you idiots and all that stuff, that's not going to make me change anything. They can do that all they want because it's not going to affect the way we go about doing our jobs."
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"To tell you the truth, we're sort of similar to Wake Forest,"
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