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"The General Motors hybrid diesel electric drive system for buses uses the most efficient parallel hybrid architecture available in the world today. If the U.S. had only 1,000 GM hybrid powered buses operating in major cities, the cumulative savings would be more than 1.5 million gallons of fuel annually."
"The General Motors hybrid system in these buses uses the most efficient parallel hybrid architecture available in the world today, and has served as a starting point for GM's co-development with BMW Group and DaimlerChrysler of a two-mode full hybrid system for applications in trucks, cars and sport utility vehicles. GM will launch the two-mode full hybrid in 2007 in the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon."
"Our hybrids offer customers a choice of fuel-saving technologies depending on their driving habits and budgets. Our hybrid strategy delivers on GM's commitment to apply advanced fuel-saving technologies where we will realize the most fuel savings."
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"The Tahoe and Yukon Two-mode Hybrids combine the functionality and comfort of a full-size SUV with a two-mode full hybrid system that optimizes fuel efficiency in city and highway driving, the way most Americans use their vehicles."
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"The investment underscores GM's commitment to keep Michigan's auto industry and communities world class and strong."
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"We've made excellent progress toward achieving our strategic objectives during our first full year since the leveraged buyout that took place in late October 2004."
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