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20 Grover Cleveland quotes:

"A truly American sentiment recognizes the dignity of labor and the fact that honor lies in honest toil."
"Your every voter, as surely as your chief magistrate, exercises a public trust"
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"He mocks the people who proposes that the government shall protect the rich and that they in turn will care for the laboring poor."
"The ship of democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those on board."
"Though the people support the government; the government should not support the people."
"After an existence of nearly twenty years of almost innocuous desuetude these laws are brought forth."
"Minds do not act together in public; they simply stick together; and when their private activities are resumed, they fly apart again."
"I would rather the man who presents something for my consideration subject me to a zephyr of truth and a gentle breeze of responsibility rather than blow me down with a curtain of hot wind."
"The friendliness and charity of our countrymen can always be relied upon to relieve their fellow citizens in misfortune. This has been repeatedly and quite lately demonstrated. Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the Government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood."
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"Officeholders are the agents of the people, not their masters."
"Public officers are the servants and agents of the people, to execute the laws which the people have made."
"He who takes the oath today to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States only assumes the solemn obligation which every patriotic citizen - on the farm, in the workshop, in the busy marts of trade, and everywhere - should sh"
"Party honesty is party expediency."
"I have considered the pension list of the republic a roll of honor."
"Honor lies in honest toil."
"Unswerving loyalty to duty, constant devotion to truth, and a clear consciencewill overcome every discouragement and surely lead the way to usefulness andhigh achievement."
"No man has ever yet been hanged for breaking the spirit of a law."
"And still the question, "What shall be done with our ex-Presidents?" is not laid at rest; and I sometimes think Watterson's solution of it, "Take them out and shoot them," is worthy of attention"
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"I know there is a Supreme Being who rules the affairs of men and whose goodness and mercy have always followed the American people, and I know He will not turn from us now if we humbly and reverently seek His powerful aid."
"The United States is not a nation to which peace is a necessity."
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