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"They're sort of pulling a memo here and a memo there. The most powerful argument is that, at a minimum, they (Justice Department officials) have known for two years and four months that Internet Explorer is a part of Windows 95."
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"derail hundreds of millions of dollars of business. Not by Microsoft, but companies unrelated to Microsoft."
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"In bringing the suit, we believe the government has made a choice that's not in the best interest of consumers. We believe consumers would be better served if Microsoft could get back to technology and better serving consumers."
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"We still have an open mind. We'll negotiate further if the government is willing to drop some of these unreasonable demands."
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"We don't believe that the government has any legal basis if they try to block the shipment of Windows 98. There would be no benefit to denying consumers access to this latest technology."
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"We think the real issue is whether the government is going to dictate what features can go into software products or whether consumers in the marketplace are going to decide."
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"I can't speculate on what the government is thinking."
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"The government does a good job of just pulling out one sentence that they believe looks bad in an e-mail, and in almost every case when you look at the entire e-mail in context, it sets the issue straight."
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"We have a pledge with the government and 19 states that none of us is going to talk about any aspect of any settlement efforts and we're not going to violate that pledge even if others do. We are committed to working with the government in good faith to explore whether it's possible to resolve this case so everyone can move forward."
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"working very closely with the Justice Department to answer questions and provide the information they need."
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"Despite our views to the contrary, in the current U.S. health-care system, we make decisions like this every day."
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"This is not a licensing option that is near reality. It is simply an idea that is thrown out there to look into."
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"One of the central allegations in the government's case is that Microsoft was trying to prevent Netscape from developing a browser for Windows and the facts simply don't support that."
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"Wouldn't it be great if we could lower the sales tax and give a break to those who are putting together their families?"
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"We need schools; we need roads; we need public safety. For the long term, you want to have a tax base that keeps up with the economy."
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"We thought it was a very constructive meeting, ... It was an opportunity for ( Gates ) to talk to the Justice Department about innovation in the software industry."
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"We're disappointed that the state controller, who initially voiced support for the moratorium, has reversed course and is now supporting funding for the dairy projects,"
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"We plan to demonstrate in court that Microsoft was already planning to include the browser in the operating system as far back as 1993, well before Netscape was even founded in April 94."
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