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10 Jeffrey Toobin quotes:

"What appears to be going on here is some sort of compromise. The court feels strongly about national security and the president's ability to conduct foreign affairs and military affairs, yet also responsible for the rule of law."
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"This was a total rout. The story she told investigators after she made the stock trade simply didn't add up."
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"This Supreme Court nominee presents extraordinary circumstances, requiring a filibuster."
"The point is that the judge is determined to keep this thing moving, and he's getting rid of jurors who are impediments."
"There is no legal requirement of any public disclosure of a justice's health. And justices are very cagey and very limited in what they disclose."
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"There's a contradiction between the two, and as always, the Supreme Court wins, and that bodes ill for the California case."
"I have never seen a case that was more clearly won on a closing argument,"
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"Elections have consequences, and one of them is the winners get to pick the justices."
"The experience of O.J. convinced (news) management that there is tremendous interest in high-profile legal cases,"
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"What really matters is who wins presidential elections."
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