Richard Dicker Quotes

26 Richard Dicker quotes:

"We have grave concerns that the court will not provide the fair trial guarantees required by international law, ... But it's not too late for the tribunal's judges to fix some of these problems if they take steps to ensure a fair trial."
Author: Dicker Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"President Obasanjo must promptly comply with the request for Taylor's surrender. Consultation with other African leaders should not buy Taylor any more time to escape facing justice for his alleged crimes."
"This is a historic step which opens doors to justice for people of Northern Uganda who have suffered horribly for nearly 20 years under the hands of the LRA,"
Author: Dicker Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"It's a huge setback for justice. Most of all, it's a setback for the victims."
Author: Dicker Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"I think there is a danger ... of this spinning out of control,"
Author: Dicker Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"I think there have been real difficulties and problems in the Milosevic trial. What will be important is the evidence that was presented to indicate the motivation and intent of Milosevic."
Author: Dicker Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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